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Music Class


What we do

The Keep Music In Schools Foundation is a 501c(3) nonprofit corporation dedicated to making sure that every child who wants to play and learn music has an instrument and a music teacher, regardless of income. The biggest hurdle to many kids learning how to play an instrument is the cost. In today's economy, many parents cannot afford an instrument which costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars, and lessons that can cost hundreds of dollars a month. Our goal is to give an instrument of choice and consistent free music lessons to every single student in America. 

How to Help

You can donate, purchase an instrument with our affiliate link that will be sent to a school, or even adopt a kidsician (kid musician)!  


Kids Blues Festival
Our biggest event of the year, the "Baby Blues Festival" occurs every year in July. 

Music Class

Latest project

Science has shown that learning how to play an instrument is one of the single best things a child can do to increase overall brain function.


Kids who learn music have been shown to do better across all subjects. Music has been proven to increase attention span and to give kids a feeling of worth and value.


Unfortunately, many schools do not have music programs, and many of those who do, do not have enough instruments for the children, or they do not have a big enough of a budget to keep the instruments and gear properly maintained. Our goal is to change that one instrument at a time. 


The Keep Music in Schools Foundation is dedicated to fostering an appreciation for music in young minds by ensuring that schools across the nation have the resources and support to provide comprehensive music education, thus enriching their academic journey and nurturing their creativity. We believe in the transformative power of music and strive to secure its rightful place in every student's educational experience.

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