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Award Winner


The Whammy Awards are the Foundation's version of the Grammys. Each year students are nominated and awarded for outstanding achievement in music. Your donations helps to make students feel recognized and to strive for excellence in the arts. 

Young Drummer


Through our affiliate links, you can purchase individual instruments and have them shipped to the school of your choice. 


Girl with Guitar


Guitars for peace is held annually, bringing together students from across the nation in order to raise funds for other young musicians living in war zones. Hundreds of young musicians gather and all play one guitar solo. Tickets to the event are sold here. 

Young Musician

Baby Blues Festival

Held once per semester, this is our kids music festival. 

Music Performer


Core sightreading is our program dedicated to lobbying Congress in order to mandate music reading in music class as part of the core curriculum for K through 12 students. 

Playing Piano


Every year, outstanding students can apply for college scholarships provided by donors like you. A percentage of all proceeds are set aside for scholarships each year. 

More Programs

1. Instrument Grant Program:


Provides musical instruments to schools that lack adequate funding, enabling students to have hands-on musical experiences.

2. Music Educator Support Initiative:


Offers professional development, resources, and support for music educators to enhance their skills and expand their teaching methods.

3. In-School Performance Series:


Brings professional musicians and bands to perform at schools, inspiring students through live music experiences.

4. Student Scholarship Fund:


Awards scholarships to students who show a deep interest in music, helping to fund their music education.

5. Summer Music Camps:


Organizes music-based summer camps for students, offering a chance to learn, play, and create music.

6. Music Curriculum Development:


Works with educators to develop comprehensive music curriculums that are both engaging and educationally robust.

7. Community Concerts:


Organizes concerts that involve student musicians, promoting music education while fostering community engagement.

8. Digital Music Lab:


Provides schools with funding for technology, like software and hardware, to introduce students to the digital aspects of music production.

9. Music Therapy Program:


Integrates music therapy sessions into schools to promote mental health and emotional wellbeing among students.

10. Student Mentorship Program:


Pairs students interested in a career in music with industry professionals, providing them with guidance and first-hand insight into the music world.

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